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Preserving the Traditional Martial Arts

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Welcome to the National Martial Arts Association website. I hope you find your visit to this website informative and interesting enough for you to return and to join us.

The National Martial Arts Association has been created to bring together like-minded martial artists from around the world to co-operate regardless of style. The NMAA was conceived for all members to aspire to, and to work in unison, for the positive promotion of the martial arts.

We are here to help martial artists, newcomers and current practitioners find a non-political home for their martial arts, where training together for the benefit of each other is of the highest agenda.

Through this web site I hope you are able to find the information you are looking for and that you decide to join us and support the ideals of a politics free martial arts community with the NMAA.

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Adam Carter Kyoshi 7th dan
Director & Branch Chief

Adam Carter sensei

Adam Carter sensei


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