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Preserving the Traditional Martial Arts

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Students Code of Conduct

The students code of conduct, necessitates that every student preserve, and reveal the true time-honoured spirit of Budo always, therefore to amplify to others their traditional martial art honour and etiquette. The student code of conduct represents a system of social skills that, when practiced along with the physical components of martial arts training, form the foundation of all martial arts.

  • I will conduct myself in a respectful manner, and not bring dishonor to my instructors or fellow martial artists.
  • I fully understand, that I am not to miss use the training skills, which I am taught while studying martial arts.
  • With respect and courtesy, I will abide by the traditional principles of the "Dojo Kun" and "Reishiki"
  • I will be respectful to my superiors and refrain from violent bahavior, profanity or coarse language.
  • Practice humility. Recognize that you are a member of a group sharing common goals and interests.
  • Remember that your actions outside the school/dojo reflect its character and spirit.
  • You are an ambassador of your school and the NMAA. Always behave with good manners and respect.

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