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Preserving the Traditional Martial Arts

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The NMAA (National Martial Arts Association) patch/logo symbolises many things. The fist represents the power and strength of karate, kenpo, chuan fa, china hand, by which martial arts are known all over the world. It is the universal symbol for karate in modern times.

The large red outer circle is interpreted as symbolizing a "circle of a family (Wa)". Within our association, we have a feeling that all our members are part of the martial arts family (kazoku). The complete circle also reminds us that we must develop our minds as well as our body's to reach our full potential. One must be a healer as well as a warrior to master all there is in the martial arts.

We then have a modern interpretation of "Mitsudomoe" or "Hidari Gomon", we see this as being a representation of the roots and birthplace of Karate, Okinawa, but embracing the modern era.

The Kanji at the bottom of the logo read's, "全国武道協会" (Zenkoku Budo Kyokai), or National Martial Arts Association.


NMAA patch

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NMAA patch

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