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Preserving the Traditional Martial Arts

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The National Martial Arts Association is dedicated to personal development. Through our arts we develop the heart, mind and body of our students and of ourselves. Our goal is to maintain a positive environment where members of our organization feel good about themselves.

Throughout training, students and instructors are encouraged to be their personal best. This mission will be accomplished through a cooperative effort of constant education and support.


It is our goal as instructors, directors, members and any representative of the NMAA, to strive for excellence in ourselves and in the study of martial arts. The core tenants in the philosophy of the NMAA are brotherhood and the promotion and sharing of knowledge in the martial arts.

It is our goal to provide a legitimate means for students and instructors to further their studies, certification and success at large in all facets of their martial arts experience.

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The NMAA will strive for excellence in providing and upholding black belt certificates and certifications, student rank certificates and certifications, black belt promotions, instructor certification, organization and dojo charters, program and course content certification.

Furthermore, as instructors, directors, members or any representative, we strive for the continued growth, expansion and success of the NMAA through our active participation and support of each other and the functions sanctioned by the NMAA.

In addition we seek to perpetuate ethics, morals, and cultural understanding as prescribed in the philosophy of the martial arts, through acceptance of martial arts styles and practitioners in a non-political manner.

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